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A new streaming misca service comes from Tik Tok

tik tok application

Tik Tok is today one of the networks most distinguished among the youngest users. Its popularity grows every day and its creators have seen a great possibility to be able to expand in another sector: music.

ByteDance is the company behind the creation of Tik Tok, which has more than 80 million downloads only in the US UU. This has opened the possibility and the vision that this company is interested in offering a music service that can compete with others like Apple, which is already making strategies to improve its popularity and is about to launch packages that include all its services.

Everything is almost ready

This information comes from The Financial Times of the United States, which reports:

ByteDance is in talks with the world's largest record companies, Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, for global licensing agreements to include their songs in their new music subscription service, according to people familiar with the matter.

Beijing-based technology company aims to launch this service next monthinitially in emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Brazil, before a future opening in the USA UU., According to people informed about the plans.

Tik tok

Distinction among its competitors

In addition, ByteDance will have the intention not only to attract a new market, but to maintain the already achieved through options that allow the new application to be a extension or relate with Tik Tok, meaning that you can share the musical content of the service in a fun and different way.

In addition to music on demand, the planned streaming application will include a library of short video clips that listeners can search and synchronize songs while listening, according to music executives who received demonstrations of the service. Users can send these clips to their friends, as the application aims to encourage exchange and virality, and is designed for mobile phones with vertical-sized videos.

The launch of this new service still does not present more information, however, it is expected that its cost Be less than your competitors.