iPhone 11: Features are revealed through images

iPhone 11: Features are revealed through images


Renders let us see very few changes in the future iPhone compared to the previous one.

OnLeaks / Twitter

There are still months for Apple to show us its new flagship cell phone, which is to be baptized as iPhone XI or iPhone 11, and many things have already been said, including having three cameras on its back.

This rumor returns to strength after the reliable OnLeaks filter, published new ones renders How will the iPhone 11 be on your Twitter account. The conceptual images are based on a previous filtering of a supposed metal piece iPhone internal, which will cover the back of the phone.

This piece has holes that, supposedly, will serve to locate the three lenses of the phone's camera, lenses that will be shaped like a triangle.

As we can see in the renders, the device has a notch and a few bezels smaller than the current iPhone XS, but the change in design will not be very significant if what these images show is true.

Perhaps the most striking is the location of the three lenses of the camera, which are located within a square on the left back of the device forming a triangle.

It is important to remember that these renders they are computer generated images based on information and details collected from rumors, so they help us get an idea of ​​how the cell phone could be, but they cannot be taken as truthful.

At the moment Apple has not announced anything about its plans around the iPhone, only announced the WWDC event for June.

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Editor's Note:This article was originally published on April 26, 2019.