Google launches the final version of Android Auto with its redesign

Android Auto works wirelessly in Latin America

New Android Auto interface

A few weeks ago that Android Auto launched the possibility of running wirelessly. It was possible with several Samsung phones, although this function was limited to the United States. But Google was expected to expand its availability worldwide over time. This is something that happens now, because it is launched in Latin America.

The launch of this Android Auto feature is announced in a total of fifteen Latin American countries. So millions of users will be able to benefit from it in a simple way. An important news for many, who looked forward to this function with interest.

On the Android Auto support page The countries in which this function is finally made official have been announced. These are the following: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Android auto apps

Of course, to be able to use this function, you need to have a compatible phone. In addition, the car also has to be, because it depends on the version of the operating system used. So users should keep these two details in mind.

It is a function that is expanding worldwide. So Android Auto users in more and more countries have the possibility to use it in any case. It is a function that interests many, because in this way they know that they do not depend on cables when they have to use the mobile in the car with the system.

Surely soon its launch will be announced in more countries. Android Auto has improved a lot recently, with a new and renewed interface, which was made available to everyone a few months ago. A new design that makes its use easier and we can enjoy new features in cars.

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