12 GB of RAM on the S10

12 GB of RAM in the S10, Samsung's bet

Every year we look forward to the new generation of Samsung phones, and the S10 could not be an exception; But in this case, it gives the impression that expectations are even higher.

It is not for less, since the S9 turned out to be a very continuous device, with few surprises; and nobody doubts that 10 is a special number.

The S10 will be a groundbreaking device

All the rumors suggest that the S10 will be a groundbreaking device. It will be the device that adopts the alternative to Samsung notch; It's still unclear whether it will be a hole in the screen for the camera, a minimalist notch, or another option. What seems obvious is that it will not be the "typical" notch, to take advantage of the 6.44 inches that the Plus model is rumored to have.

12 GB of RAM on the S10

It can also be Samsung's first device 5G network compatible; to get vertigo speeds with the mobile line. Between that, and the new generation of Exynos and Snapdragon processors (probably 7 nm), it will be one of the fastest mobile phones on the market, if not the fastest.

But even all that may be little. The rumor mill suggests that Samsung wants to take the rest with the S10 and its variants; and that will lead you to make very impactful hardware decisions. The objective is that the S10, at least some of its versions, be the best smartphone that you can buy

12 GB of RAM on the S10, a remarkable leap

According to a leaked document, Samsung would be willing even to include no less than 12 GB of RAM in one of the new models of the S10. Not at all, since the basic S10 would include only 4 GB of RAM, which is common in many devices. In contrast, the S10 + would have 6 GB of RAM.

The interesting thing is that there would be another higher range, called Galaxy S10 X; These would be the leading devices, and the S10 X would have 8 GB of RAM. But there would also be a more complete model, the S10 X with 5G; which in addition to the high-speed mobile connection would also have 12 GB of RAM. Huawei would also bet on the same amount in its next P30 PRo.

It is to be imagined that this will be the most expensive model, but also the most enviable of all; it is not clear what hardware differences there would be between the S10 X and the "normal" S10, but the RAM is probably not the only one.

Samsung will clearly bet on RAM and storage, and it is not for less. It is already in the process of manufacturing LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 storage, which we will surely see in the S10.