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For those who use the Facebook app for Android, from now on they will be able to remove the tabs and the red notification points in the navigation bar at the top.

This new feature It's called Shortcut Bar or Quick Access Bar and that will be deployed for the coming weeks in the Android version of Facebook. A breakthrough that the social network gives more customization options to an app that seemed immovable.

This shortcut bar has been a space that has used the social network to "sell" its new functions, as has been your martketplace. So it is surprising that he now offers these customization options.

And is that with the new settings of the Facebook quick access bar You will be able to get rid of most of the eyelashes. We talk about the news, the day, events, groups, profile, friend requests, gaming, dating, watch and marketplace.

Facebook app

You will even have the ability to choose the tabs you will keep, but silence red dots that indicate you have a notification in that section. That is, you will have greater control over Facebook and those notifications. What is itself great news.

And to be able to remove eyelashes, we do so:

  • It makes a long press on one of the shortcuts or eyelashes
  • A menu appears in which we can remove the tab or shortcut.
  • If we want disable notification points, click on the other option.

Can also be deactivate the desired tabs from the “more” icon, we go to Settings and Privacy> Settings> Shortcuts and deactivate whatever we want.

A great novelty of the Facebook app for Android With which you can customize your browsing experience through the social network timeline.

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