The game in which you will have to return the souls to the stars

The game in which you will have to return the souls to the stars

A world in which only rockets can return souls to stars. A world in which only we can build these rockets. This is what OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, a game that combines exploration and a beautiful story.

Android game developers have shown us dozens of times that their games have nothing to envy to the traditional ones. Smartphones give new possibilities For video games, they don't take them away. And many studies have been able to take advantage of it to launch innovative and groundbreaking concepts.

A good example of this trend is Monument Valley. The game, the work of Ustwo, has been able to present incredible puzzles and an interesting story. Other games, such as Rovio's Angry Birds, managed to hit the most casual audience with an attractive concept. And the game that we present today stands out for gather exploration and history.

Take souls to the stars in OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers begins by telling us the story of John, a young man who worked in the rocket factory. He is accompanied by Fei, a "witch" in charge of bring lost souls to the stars with these rockets. A terrible purge has happened, and they are the only ones left in the facility. That, and a lot of lost souls.

The objective of Fei and John is to be able to launch a rocket that takes all these souls to the stars. No rockets have been fired since the incident, and both start from scratch. This means that they dedicate all their efforts to try to achieve it. They are the last hope to get it.

To advance the story, we control John during the day. Our mission is find the necessary parts to build the rocket, in addition to different components to assemble equipment, to help Fei. We are free to explore in the order we want, although the scenario limits us to go in steps.

All this is mixed with the constant visits to John's past, when everything was normal. We visited his memories of when he was little, and what happened during the incident. We even met the souls of people we knew. All this makes it a very emotional story.

OPUS: Whisper of Rockets is available for free in the Google Play. Yes, the complete game is not free: There will come a point where we have to pay € 1.99 to unlock the full story.

We can contribute more to support the team, and in return we will take paraphernalia as pets or new clothes. And eye, because the game is only in english, does not have a Spanish translation at the moment.