Monument Valley 2, November 6: will it achieve the success it deserves?

Monument Valley 2 for Android, already has a date, despite everything

We recently told the disappointing news that the Monument Valley 2 It had been filtered via APK. This sequel to the great title of Ustwo Games suffered the consequences of piracy, harming developers. Now that we know the day November 6th will land for our mobiles, we wonder: Can you cope with the great piracy on Android?

Monument Valley 2 will arrive on Android on November 6

Monument Valley 2, November 6: will it achieve the success it deserves?

This has been announced by the developers of Ustwo Games both on Facebook and YouTube, as they have published a small teaser next to the announcement of the game. It is not necessary to highlight the great impact and reception that the first has had Monument Valley, so much is expected of this sequel that has generated so much hype

We don't know if there will be new expansions as the first Monument already did or if we will have the base game only. One thing is clear: piracy on Android It's something hot And we already know that this game will not be free. Therefore (as we said) this title could suffer enough because of these bad practices. Or not?

The success of the first Monument Valley was so overwhelming that it is very possible that it will survive Android piracy

Not for nothing the first Monument was A success. Its extreme quality, its unique concept and its incredible finish got the love of many (among which I include myself) and you just have to look at my example: I will acquire the game nothing else out, regardless of whether it is good or bad. And there are many who will follow my steps.

Monument Valley 2, November 6: will it achieve the success it deserves?

All the faithful followers of the first Monument will gladly acquire this title. We must add all those who appreciate the quality that we need so much on Android, since our partner Ivan already mentioned that the quality of Android games was being harmed by piracy.

If this Monument Valley 2 meets expectations and improve what was great, you will get an unprecedented welcome on Android. Its success in iOS and its reviews prove it, since it corrects many of the bugs that weighed the first title. And a differential factor also plays on the board: the struggle of the developers Despite the piracy.

The effort of the developers is real

Monument Valley 2, November 6: will it achieve the success it deserves?

Although unfortunately you can access a multitude of paid games for free (illegally), there are many examples of games who have managed to maintain quality Despite these practices. To mention just a few, we have The Room, Oceanhorn or LIMBO.

Therefore, knowing the care that the members of Ustwo Games put to the first Monument, it is expected that the second try to keep the bar high and surpass the incessant piracy on Android. And we hope so, because no matter how good our system is, we need works like this game for Android to be even better than it already is.