Las tablets Android despegan y acaparan en el ├║ltimo trimestre un 39% del mercado

Android tablets take off and monopolize 39% of the market in the last quarter

It seems that Christmas (many say that powered by the Kindle Fire even if it is not considered as an android device, or at least Google does not contemplate it yet since it does not activate with a Google account or have Android Market, so we do not know if this study has taken it into account) They have been very well suited to the Android tablet market, that seemed numb and stagnant, surely because Honeycomb's fate was rather diffuse, and now with the update and unification of Ice Cream Sandwich as a really powerful system, has made more than one decide and bet on Android tablets, and when we talk about them, we talk about very different formats, both because many of them do not carry neither Honeycomb nor will they carry Android 4.0 as they do and are at the highest level of technical characteristics, double and quadruple processing cores.

We are talking about that in the last quarter (According to Strategy Analytics), they have been sold 26.8 million tablets, 150% more than the same time period last year. The quota that is awarded to Android amounts to 39% of the cake, which is 10.5 million devices. The rest of the market is the indestructible iPad that in the last year has seen its share reduced from 68% to 57%. In total, during 2011 almost 67 million tablets were sold, a number that shows the new way of consumption of the public, the so-called Post-PC, which was recently analyzed in an article.

A panorama in which surely, and as we have already seen with smartphones, nobody wins, only the buyer, who can decide, choose and assess what their needs are, and that is much better between multiple hardware offers, and why not, software too.

Surely and as we have seen in smartphones, when Apple presents the iPad 2s or 3, they may recover the previous push, but as soon as the months close to the launch pass, the tonic will continue as it points now, to divide the market and pluralize it, not forgetting how not to Microsoft.

In your case, do you still not see the use of tablets? Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows are your choices?

Via: ComputerWorld