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Xiaomi launches a base to heat cups and charge Qi phones

The Asian giant does not stop overcoming. We are used to the Chinese firm surprise us with all kinds of gadgets that make our lives easier; sports products, smart lamps You have now presented a base for heating coffee. So far everything normal, right? Well, you know that this new solution of Xiaomi It also serves to charge your mobile phone.

Yes, while we wait for the arrival of the new Xiaomi e-book reader, which will be presented on November 20, now the Pekn-based firm has just delighted us with one of those gadgets that you do not want missing in your home. Under the name Xiaomi Wireless Charging Warm Cup, this product combines a system to heat your coffee cup, ideal for these cold days, together with a 10W wireless charging base, enough for any device with support for this Qi technology.

Xiaomi charging base

How Xiaomi Wireless Charging Warm Cup works

This Xiaomi heater base It has a capacity to heat the cup up to 55 degrees Celsius. Which makes it ideal to have your coffee, chocolate or any other drink you want to drink at its best. In addition, it is water resistant, so you can clean it without any problem.

Another very interesting detail is that it has a system that automatically turn off the cup when it is not being used for 4 hours, Ideal to avoid unnecessary scares. In addition, it is wireless, so you should not worry about possible power surges. Something really useful, considering the possibilities offered by this curious device.

charging base Qi Xiaomi

And what about your wireless charging base? Well, that is the second use you can give to the Wireless Charging Warm Cup. To do this, they have integrated an internal Qi charger that offers a maximum load power of 10 W, more than enough for any device with this technology.

As usual in this type of Xiaomi products, The price of the Wireless Charging Warm Cup is laughing: cost 189 yuan, about 25 euros to change. A scandal figure for a device that you will get a lot out of before the imminent arrival of the cold. Of course, we must wait for distributors who ship to Spain to have in their catalog this curious load base Qi that also serve to have your coffee warm while you work.

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Xiaomi launches a base to heat cups and charge Qi phones
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