Whatsapp receive the dark mode, it shows in the beta ┬╗ERdC

Whatsapp receive the dark mode, it shows in the beta ┬╗ERdC

Whatsapp receive the dark mode, it shows in the beta

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During the last year, the so-called "Dark Mode" has gained a lot of popularity and attention both by users and by Android manufacturers. We have seen how this option it has been integrated not only in applications, but also in the most recent versions of the same mobile operating systems, like in the customization layers that run on these mentioned systems. An important application that will be receiving the dark mode soon be whatsapp. There have been many speculations and rumors about this during the last months. However, we are still waiting for the implementation of the function for the application.

The dark mode begins to be implemented in the WhatsApp beta

Now, in the most recent update of the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS begin to see the first effects of a future dark mode. The application begins to show signs in a dark way if we have it activated on our mobile device.

I mean, la beta version already reacts according to the phone's display settings. If we have Dark Mode enabled, WhatsApp implement Mode Dark In the application. This is common in certain applications that do not include a dark mode activation option from their configuration, but adapt to whether the phone itself is in that mode to then modify its interface

For the moments, the implementation is in the initial stages and is not complete. The operation of the Dark Mode is shown on the ÔÇťWelcome screenÔÇŁ when the application is opened and in conversations. The wallpaper also changes from white to dark.

However, these are the main changes that can be seen in this beta version of Whatsapp. In the sections of Calls and settings, the application is still as white as we are used to. Even so, this new implementation is favorable evidence for the implementation of the dark mode in the near future.

Recall that after redesigning the Facebook logo, WhatsApp has redesigned the welcome screen, adding references to Facebook. The same logo has been implemented in the WhatsApp configuration, redesigning the previous footer.

Recent news on Whatsapp

It is worth mentioning that, like Messenger and other applications, Whatsapp has recently received the ability to protect the application with the fingerprint digital (Whatsapp version 2.19.308). Among other things, users can configure how quickly they want the fingerprint request to be activated. It can be immediately after the screen closes, 1 minute or even 20 minutes.

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