Path of Exile Mobile is announced and looks great ┬╗ERdC

Path of Exile Mobile is announced and looks great ┬╗ERdC

Path of Exile Mobile is announced and looks great

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The announcement of the future was given last year launch of Diablo Immortal for mobile phones. After this, it was clear that the mobile game scene was ripe for a ARPG quality release. Grinding Gear Games just appeared to announce Path of Exile Mobile. The title is developing internally, and the developers say that this mobile version counteract the ÔÇťshitty trendsÔÇŁOf the platform. The above is a direct attack on Blizzard's mistake last year.

Path of Exile Mobile: against the most damaging trends of mobile games

Surprisingly, Grinding Gear Games is very aware of the disadvantages of mobile games. The company has published a trailer where it says they are concentrating their efforts on Make a good game that avoids the evil garbage that mobile games are known for.

The ad trailer above is definitely worth watching. It not only opens with the recognition of the problems of mobile games (micro transactions, waiting times and energy bars); the developer has made it clear that there will be no compromises compared to the PC version of the great original success. Of course, changes are still expected in the main game, such as optimized levels for shorter sessions, although it seems to be preserved full depth of original. There is also a direct attack on Blizzard, where the developer mentions that Path of Exile Mobile develop internally. Diablo Immortal was not developed by Blizzard, but they commissioned the game to another studio.

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Something to keep in mind is that the Chinese giant Tencent bought a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games in 2018. However, the developer claims to remain an independent company and that there will be no major changes in its operation. Having Tencent capital indicates that there may be a large investment in this title.

Until now, the details about the title have yet to be clarified. At this time We still don't know when Path of Exile Mobile officially land in the Play Store. Neither do we know how to monetize, but the fact that developers are willing to claim to exist as a ÔÇŁ The complete Path of Exile experience without payment items to win insinuate that the game just demand a single payment to enjoy all the content.

Hopefully, more details will be released as development progresses. Until then, we can only enjoy watching the published trailer of Path of Exile Mobile.


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