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In PUBG Mobile they already play up to hacker squads together

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile announced a few days ago from the game itself the banning list of new hackers that violate the rules. It is a coincidence that a few days after the arrival of Call of Duty on Android and iOS, it seems that they want to show their interest in eliminating those hackers, but do they really have any idea how to do it?

The truth is that in these last weeks, just since the beginning of season 9 and shortly after that COD arrives, PUBG Mobile, on some servers, is infested with hackers. We have seen them of all colors such as the jumping, which they move like snakes crawling when they are "touched" or those who have the option to shoot through walls. In other words, superheroes that normal players face; and that we do not talk about those who use "aimbot".

The current status of PUBG Mobile

Since the third season Tencent Games put the batteries and he began to ban dozens of players who used third-party apps to have several advantages in his hand. We have suffered those hackers and in the following seasons the truth that their number was greatly reduced. Those messages with which your account will be unused for 10 years, seemed to make a dent in many.

But since season 9, PUBG Mobile, in many games, has become a we will be lucky if there are no hackers, since they are not just one, they can be whole squads. If not, take a look at this video in which a group of heroes or normal players gets rid of a complete squad of hackers (which luckily many are usually quite bad):

A crazy 1.5 min fight with a squad with high-jumping and speed abilities (after we fired 3 flares) from PUBGMobile

As you can see, for all those players who do not have a few colleagues playing at the same level, it is completely difficult to try to defend against a squad of hackers that they seem rather taken from a Marvel movie. And is that the level we are reaching is that of the video below and in which we can see how they even fly in the new 4v4 mode.

PUBG Mobile hackers

But can PUBG Mobile's boys tackle this serious hacker problem?

There are many players who are complaining that PUBG Mobile is busier in creating skins to earn money Than to worry about the current state of your game. A current state in which it is easy to stop playing even if you have been playing this great battle royale for months. Many players hold on, but others are leaving. And while Tencent Games only lists 100 expelled players, while we know there are many more.

Hacker in PUBG Mobile

The funny thing is that if you go to the servers, you will see that the statistics of the best players are a bit crazy. And it is those same players, whom many call hackers, who spend a lot of money on PUBG Mobile. That is we have hackers with the royale pass and spending hundreds of euros.

But the worst is if Tencent Games is able to answer the question that if it is capable by code to stop hackers feet. It seems not. That is, online games on PCs and consoles have anti-hacking systems that in real time are checking that there are no third-party apps interfering. But what happens if we use these types of programs or apps in a game like PUBG Mobile where its full potential for graphics and resources is maximized? Well, everything slows down and we would need a better machine to play.

What Tencent Games can do and us


A more than obvious solution is always report ingame or in the game to that player We have reviewed that you are using hacks. In the videos we have shared, you can see how they move. They get touched on the ground and move at the speed of light, shoot through rocks and kill people or jump very high are some of their abilities.

What can Tencent Games do? A solution it would be to limit the entrance to the server by IP. That is, if you enter from Spain, you could only play to your nearest server, that is, Europe. You could never enter the American or the Middle East. The funny thing is that those who use hacks have a higher percentage of use on certain servers, so it is better to leave them on those servers leaving the American calmer where very few are seen.

Hopefully Tencent Games will put the batteries And knowing that it has exceeded $ 1 billion in revenue, it has more than enough capital to stop all those hackers.