How to create lists in Spotify with the podcasts you like

How to create lists in Spotify with the podcasts you like

For a while now in the streaming music service Spotify it is possible to access podcast with all kinds of themes (from those that show movie soundtracks to those who talk about technology). Well, if you already have a good amount of options that you like we will show how to create ready identical to those that allow music to be heard.

This new function has been available for a short time in the service we are talking about, so it is possible that some do not know about its existence and, much less, how to use it. And, the truth is that it makes perfect sense of the world since Playlists are among the most popular on Spotify (and an example is that it is estimated that there are more than three billion in the service, and we talk about those created by the users themselves). Therefore, the movement is positive.

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The case is that in few steps You can establish the different podcasts that exist on the platform and add them to a list that, in addition, is updated automatically and makes listening to the news of those you like something more simple. The case is that with the creations you make, you can make a long journey more bearable or, simply, to know the last novelties that exist in the board games when going in the subway if this is one of your hobbies.

Using Spotify in a milking

Create podcast playlists in Spotify

One of the curiosities offered by the service is that to do this you have to resort to the mobile application, since on the desktop itself or on the web it is not possible to create lists at the moment. That is, once there are s that can be reproduced. What you have to do is the following:

  • Open the application Spotify on your smartphone.
  • Use the bar search that exists to indicate a theme that you like or, simply, by the name of a podcast that you know is available in the service.
  • Now in the list that appears select what fits with what you need and press In it, it is not a bad idea to tell the application to warn of new podcast chapters, something that is achieved by using the Follow option.
  • Go down to see all the available content and then, in the episode you want to add to the list click on the icon with three vertical dots which is on the right side of it.

"Add "Spotify

  • Now select in the menu that appears Add to playlist, it is possible to use one that you have already created or, if you prefer, you can generate a new one.

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From this moment you can enjoy the creation on a regular basis by accessing your library in Spotify, both in the client that you use in mobile devices and in the different desktop clients. As you have seen, it is the most simple go on a trip with the podcast chapters that you like most selected and perfectly ordered.