Google Assistant (1)

Google Assistant is already testing with a new design

Google Assistant (1)

Several months ago we talked about plans to introduce a new interface for Google Assistant. The company seeks to renew the interface of its assistant, to facilitate its use. The company is currently doing tests in this regard, testing a new interface for its assistant. It is expected to arrive officially in a few months.

An update is being released for some users, where we can see who It would be the new design of Google Assistant. We can see certain changes, such as a reduction of the white color in the interface, or the use of cards for a better division of contents.

The cards are protagonists in this Google Assistant design. In addition to having a lot of color in this case, since it is committed to a shaded effect, which allows them to be visually more interesting and be better read. This also allows one to distinguish better from each other at all times.

Google Assistant new interface

Another change that promises to be important is that now the information it will be displayed chronologically. A way to see everything at a glance, have a clear idea of ÔÇőÔÇőevents and the agenda in a few seconds. This is a change that users surely see with good eyes.

New design and a different way of distributing information. These are two changes that we can expect to reach Google Assistant soon. For now Few users have access to this update. It seems to be something in the testing phase, so surely it takes a while to reach other users.

We don't know anything about when other users will have access to these improvements in Google Assistant. So we will be attentive to data that the company itself shares in this regard. Since it is an important update, in addition to being a design change that had been announced for months.

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