Touch ID returns to iPhone? Apple patents on-screen authentication

Touch ID returns to iPhone? Apple patents on-screen authentication

The fingerprint reader will return integrated into the screen?

scar Gutirrez / CNET

Apple continues its plans to integrate Touch ID on the screen.

A new patent called "Methods of biometric images of an input surface (Methods of biometric imaging of input surfaces) "suggests that a user can simply touch the screen of a device such as the iPhone and authenticate by means of acoustic waves.

The acoustic image system described will be used to take the image of a fingerprint and map that fingerprint. This scan will use acoustic waves, pulsations and mechanical waves to authenticate the user. These waves and the fingerprint information will be coded, says the patent.

Patently Apple, a site that closely follows new patents in the name of the iPhone manufacturer, was the first to find this patent. The site reveals that Apple already has a similar second patent related to fingerprint authentication built into the screen.

The patent mentions more technical details, but its relevance is the fact that Apple is investigating ways to bring back fingerprint authentication, a feature that disappeared from the iPhone X in 2017 and that already reached the iPad from 2018.

Some Android device manufacturers are placing fingerprint readers on the screen as a solution to the disappearance of the front buttons that were used as fingerprint readers. However, these readers have not proven to have the same security as traditional readers, and they are not very reliable.

Editor's Note:This article was originally published on May 1, 2019.

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