Especial Tegra Zone: Los mejores juegos gratuitos en tu tablet

Special Tegra Zone: The best free games on your tablet

Those of you who have read me once know that I like to try games for both mobile and tablet, although I usually use those that serve both. However, today I decided to focus on the world of tablets and especially those with a Nvidia Tegra processor.

Why the Tegra? Well, simple, because It has its own section called Tegra Zone, in which we can find applications designed specifically for these processors, allowing to obtain spectacular performance. Among them I have decided to select a few free for all tastes.

Dungeon Defenders First Wave

This game was, not only one of the first to appear in the Tegra Zone, but one of the oldest free. We have already talked about him on occasion, it is a strategic defense game (of the turret type) before waves of enemies, although with beautiful 3D graphics that will allow us to delight our eyes while we play. Originally it was only available in Tegra Zone, although Now we can enjoy it on more devices, and it is not necessary to use Chainfire or anything to do so. The title misleads, because although in the game and in the screenshots in Play Store it says Second Wave, the title of the game is First Wave, so I prefer to put the one by which you can find it.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD

If with the previous one we had closed scenarios, few effects, and in short, the feeling of being locked up, with this it will be the opposite, we have to furrow the space aboard a ship while we fly through the air? to our enemies. All this with very simple controls and with a wide range of options, which are clear when it comes to personalizing our ship in order to adequately face the missions that lie ahead.

What to say about Zen Pinball that you can't know now? It is a saga that has been with video game lovers for quite some time. This is a famous saga on consoles when mobile games were still in diapers. However, this is freemium technology, although as it should be, they indicate from the beginning what there is and what it costs. We have a pretty fun pinball table, to which we can add up to five more tables for the price of € 1.5 per unit (a bit expensive, but worth it). Check it out and you'll tell me.

Princess Punt THD

And the rarity of the day comes from this Asian developer. Imagine a game with a premise similar to Angry Birds, but with elements of role-playing games such as the choice of characters and debugging the graphics, so that although the development is still two-dimensional we can enjoy detailed characters in cell-shading style (such as cartoons). In addition, if we share our achievements on Twitter and Facebook through the game we can enjoy new elements and improvements in the current ones.

At the moment, and for today, with these four we have enough, because I have given you a bit for different tastes and types of applications, although they still remain, and even those of payment are very interesting, so I recommend you browse the Tegra Zone and take a look at the content. Remember also that some of these games, even without being designed for other phones have a normal version for devices other than Tegra and that if they cannot be used on these devices it is always worth trying to run them with the Chainfire.