Soap-shaped gadget that washes clothes with ultrasound

Soap-shaped gadget that washes clothes with ultrasound

Compact and lightweight, they are some of the characteristics of Dolfi, a device whose design resembles that of a soap bar and is capable of washing clothes using ultrasonic technology.

With regard to how this gadget works, it has been known to remove dirt on various types of textiles, even the most delicate ones – by means of waves that move through the water creating bubbles of high microscopic pressure, which implode to create millions of liquid micro-jet streams.

Dolfi has been devised by entrepreneur Lena Solis, who has bet with her team (Maggie Chuang, Tomaz Osterman, Erik Solis and Andre Fangueiro) for the international Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to materialize the project.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the collection goal was $ 100,000 and the figure has been exceeded ($ 390,716).

Dolfi is available for pre-order for $ 109, estimating delivery for August this year.

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