Huawei present its glasses with AR and VR at IFA 2019

Huawei increases sales by 66% in China

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Huawei sales are going well this year. A few weeks ago it was commented that in the first nine months of the year there had been a 26% increase in sales. In addition, the firm has already exceeded sales last year, two months after the end of this year. So there is optimism in this regard, about the sales with which they will end this 2019.

Also in China, its main market, things are going very well with the company. The figures for Huawei sales in the third quarter of this year in China. Sales in which we can see again a growth compared to last year by the firm.

Huawei not only remains in first position, but does so with an impressive increase in sales. Last year they sold 25 million phones in the third quarter of the year. In this 2019 this sales figure has increased to reach 41.5 million phones sold.

China third quarter sales

Supposed a sales increase of 66% over last year. Thanks to this increase, its market share goes from being 24.9% (a quarter of the market) to an impressive 42.4% of the market. So the brand is about to cover half of the market in China. Spectacular figures.

Huawei is also the only brand that grows in China. In the rest of the cases, we can see that brands such as Vivo, OPPO or Xiaomi remain in their positions, although in all cases with notable sales drops. In the case of Xiaomi, its sales have fallen by 33% compared to last year, for example.

Without a doubt, it is clear that the market in China clearly supports Huawei. The brand grows at a surprising pace in the market. Especially in a country like China, where phone sales have been falling for a couple of years now. But this company breaks with this trend, obtaining impressive growth. So we have to see how they still grow in the fourth quarter.

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