iOS principales caracteristicas de la beta en tablet

How to use and customize the control center in iOS 11 on your iPad


How to use and customize the control center in iOS 11 on your iPad

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September 27, 2017

iOS main features of beta on tablet

When we reviewed everything we needed to know to master the new update in our selection of Tips and tricks for iOS 11We already stressed that it was essential to improve our user experience remember that the redesigned control center is now customizable. We review the changes introduced and the possibilities That opens us up.

This is the control center in iOS 11

As soon as you open it for the first time, it doesn't matter if you haven't seen anything about iOS 11 before, you will appreciate the change that has taken place in the design of the control center, which is now seen on a single page. It is true that, especially on the iPhone where it now occupies the entire screen, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to handle until we get to it, but in the long run it will be very useful, and What is certain is that all the space you use is well used.

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What we can't change

We must start by saying that although customization options have been introduced, it has its limits. For example, we cannot choose where to place each icon, but they are organized automatically. But, above all, there are a series of shortcuts that are fixed and we cannot eliminate them, although they are more basic functions and we probably don't want to do it either: they are related to connectivity, controls for music, brightness, volume, screen mirroring and blocking orientation.

What we can customize

There are many other functions, of not so widespread use, which, however, can be basic for us and that now we will also be able to Add. There are some that seem especially useful for certain iPad user profiles: notes or calculators, if we are working, or guided access, for those who have children at home, for example. Other options include shortcuts for accessibility, alarm, camera, flashlight, to record screen …

How to put and remove icons

If you want to see all your options, you just have to go to the settings menu, which is where we can also get to edit and enter and delete icons. The procedure is very simple: in the section “control center" we are going to "personalize”, And a list of all apps and settings for which we have a shortcut available, and we have nothing more to add by pressing the green symbol or removing it with the red one.

Press and hold on the icons

We must also remember that many of these icons will leave us extra functions if we keep pressed instead of giving a touch nothing more (or with the 3D Touch on the iPhone that have it), in some cases avoiding having to access the application or the corresponding settings menu.

Reminder about the WiFi and Bluetooth icons

We already notified you last week when it was discovered, but a reminder is imposed here: now With the WiFi and Bluetooth icons we will not disable the function completely, but simply to eliminate the connections in force at that time, so if we want a complete disconnection we will have to do it in the corresponding sections of the settings menu.

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