Precios y disponibilidad de la nueva gama de tablets de Asus: Padfone, Infinity 700 e Infinity 300

Prices and availability of the new range of Asus tablets: Padfone, Infinity 700 and Infinity 300

Although this year we have not seen as many high-end tablets as last year, I think it will be the year in which Android tablets definitely explode because they are already better known among ordinary consumers. This knowledge is partly thanks to the Transformer range Which put on the Asus market in 2011.

But with that it is not enough so to continue being one of the reference brands in the Android tablets sector This year they must present new products and that is what they did at the Mobile World Congress, breaking the molds again with products such as the PadFone or tablets of different ranges but with practically similar finishes and that follow the same philosophy, that is, they descend features but not quality.

And before such a succulent range, we were impatient to know the prices of these tablets and their arrival on the market, so, cool and cool, here you have the prices of the different ranges.

Let's start with one of the devices (or set of devices, as you see) that most caught the attention in the MWC, the Asus Padfone. This versatile toy will reach the market in May with a price of about € 700, with the possibility of acquiring the keyboard for € 150 more. We talk about 3G version although in September they will launch an LTE version although we still don't know prices. Remember that we talk about a mobile with dual core processor, ICS, 4.3 ″ screen .. etc.

We continue with the Asus Transformer Infinity 700who becomes the queen of the Transformer family. As is evident, being high range, its price is also high, standing at € 600 for the 64 GB version and Wi-Fi only. If we want to add the keyboard dock, we will have to take out € 150 more from the portfolio, unlike the original transformer that was only € 100. It will be available from June 10.

And finally we go with the Asus Transformer Infinity 300 which in this case is of the middle ranges of the sector. In this case we see how prices have plummeted towards € 400 the 32 GB version and Wi-Fi only. This tablet can be found in the market from mid-May, that is, within a month practically.

Good strategy of Asus with such a wide range but we will see if it does not happen like HTC that with so many terminals it was difficult to have at least their devices updated, something that Asus has done so far with its entire range and that It has given him a lot of prestige in the Android world.

By the way, soon we will bring you analysis of these devices, accompanied by their corresponding videoreviews so do not stop watching The Free Android;)

Via: Phandroid