Microsoft remove Cortana from Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft remove Cortana from Microsoft Launcher

The world of virtual assistants is full of options in all ecosystems: Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Bixby, although some of them are only available on one platform, such as Siri from Apple and Samsung Bixby, which are limited in their devices.

A few months ago, Microsoft said that plans with Cortana were not very clear and were planning to abandon their development, mainly because they do not have a mobile platform where they can get the most out of it. The first step is found in the rumor that Cortana will no longer be available in Microsoft Launcher.

The main reason why Microsoft has decided to get rid of Cortana in its launcher is because no longer aligns with what is Cortana on mobile. Little by little, Microsoft is moving Cortana away from being a single access point to a device and wants the assistant to work for the end user within Microsoft 365 productivity applications such as Outlook, Skype and Computers.

The disappearance of Cortana in the launcher for Android, does not mean that the Cortana application will disappear from both iOS and Android. In fact, in upcoming Outlook updates, Cortana will be able to read both the messages and our agenda, thus becoming our ideal personal secretary for when we are on the way to work, having breakfast or doing any other task that does not require all our Attention.

But it is not the only change that is about to reach Microsoft applications, as the company based in Redmond will soon launch an application called Office, where they are located each and every one of the applications that are part of Office 365: Word, Excel and PowerPoint and that also allows us to scan documents and sign them, reproduce media …

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