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Xiaomi camera bring great news, such as the wide angle

Xiaomi has never had trouble drawing inspiration from other manufacturers, especially Apple. Your camera application is an example, although it is true that we have also seen integrating our own functions, such as personalized digital makeup, which can be somewhat excessive.

This application is constantly being developed, both to integrate new software functions and to allow the use of new mobile features launched by the company.

XDA has had access to an APK of this app and has managed to find out what Xiaomi software engineers are working on in the photographic section.

Custom watermarks

Surely more than one has started using his new smartphone from Xiaomi and when making several photos he has realized that the watermark was leaving indicating the model of the mobile. This is something easy to disable but now Xiaomi wants you to use it more.

For this, it is developing a function that will allow us to put any text we want as a watermark, perfect for funnier photos with nice photo captions. Of course, with limitations since the length limit will be 15 characters.

Ultra wide angle mode

Fashions are temporary but some are here to stay. The trend that LG started on the LG G5 using a wide angle on its terminal has taken a long time, but it has.

Example of photos taken with the Galaxy A9

It seems that Xiaomi will implement it in some models in 2019 so it has leaked into its application. There will be a way that allows you to take photos in this way and even adjustments that correct the deformation caused by the lens on the perimeter.

In addition, it will be possible to use the blur with this mode, something that gives quite peculiar images, as we have seen with the front camera of the Pixel 3 or the rear of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Live Shot or Dynamic Photos

Another function that has been filtered is that of dynamic photos, although it is not yet known what it is for. We might think that they are similar to Google's Motion, images that record a short video, but in fact that function is already in Xiaomi's mobiles.

Live music

If you are under 20 years old, you probably know Tik Tok. If you have more, maybe also, but you are less likely to be hooked on the popular music service. This app allows you to imitate singers using their songs and that is exactly what Xiaomi wants us to do using our own videos and original songs.

For this, he has signed a collaboration agreement with Tik Tok although due to the complex distribution of musical permits and copyright we do not know if it will reach all the countries where the company operates.

Adjustable blur

After the furor raised by the portrait mode a couple of years ago now comes the possibility of modifying their blur. It is something that Samsung has already allowed for some time but, again, it has been Apple that has become fashionable.

Along with that we have new portrait modes, we don't know if in the form of a filter or something else. They are called Tea, Lilt, Sepia and Dusk. There will also be new video modes, called Orchid, Xpro, Black and White, Pale, Bauhinia, Mousse, Sky blue and Sepia.

Full body beauty mode

If we believed that beauty mode was something that was not widely used, we are not in the circles of suitable people. Xiaomi not only maintains this option, but works on one that does the same for the rest of the body, not just the face.

We can modify how our head, body, shoulders and legs look. Hopefully it will be subtle and not as aggressive as your digital makeup system does.

Some of these functions are sure to be seen in the new Redmi that will be presented in a few days, with its 48 Mpx camera, which will also have a new watermark. The others may be seen later.

Xiaomi camera bring great news, such as the wide angle
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