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The scalar, graffiti, helicopters and much more arrives at PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

Shortly after trying Call of Duty Mobile, Tencent Games itself, we already have in our hands the complete list of news from PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 and among which are included the helicopters, the new Desert Eagle weapon and performance improvements to be taken into account.

We talk about performance improvements because there are a few notes related to optimization both visually as in the FPS that you will receive when you install this new version of PUBG Mobile, A battle royale that is giving everything these days due to the great incursion carried out by CODM.

The complete list of news from PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

While we can already test the virtues of PUBG Mobile Lite in terminals with lower capacities, we will quickly review all those improvements that reach PUBG Mobile in its version 0.51. We talked recently about helicopters for the new Payload mode, but we also have a new weapon, Desert Eagle and a series of features that will improve the gaming experience.

The Desert Eagle is a new gun that has the highest damage rate and speed of bullets in PUBG. And best of all, it will be available on all maps. But we will give the list to open a bite to an update that will arrive throughout tomorrow.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

  • Payload mode:
    • EvoGround – Payload mode: based on the classic competition, the experience is increased with helicopters for ground and air combat, compete for the power of heavy weapons and the use of a communications tower to invoke eliminated team members and without forgetting a new gameplay, weaponry improvements and much more.
    • Helicopters: Search the helipad on the map of the island so you can fly the helicopter to enter combat from the ground as from the air.
    • Super Weapon Box: a weapon box is updated when activated after 3 minutes of updating, weapons for the helicopter, three-level armor, heavy weapons and other supplies can be taken.
    • Summon squad members: Take the identification card of the member removed from the squad and you can go to the communications tower to invoke him.
    • Heavy weapons:
      • RPG-7 rocket launcher: classic rocket launcher.
      • M3E1-A missile: a missile that uses a car to launch a tracking vehicle.
      • M79 grenade launcher: a unique grenade launcher that uses 40mm.
      • Heavy weapon M134 that you use 7.62mm ammo.
      • MGL grenade launcher: use 40mm grenades.
    • New objects:
      • Raids Air Locator: bombard an area from the air and can be used to block roads or cover strategically.
      • Vehicle repair kit: responds to part of the health value of the vehicle and the damaged tires to repair them.
  • New weapon – Desert Eagle:
    • The Desert Eagle has the highest damage and speed of the bullet of all currently existing guns in PUBG. It is available on all maps.
    • Desert Eagle is 62 years old and can be equipped with different accessories like red dot sights, holographic, laser look and more.
    • Compared to other weapons, the amount of damage and the speed of their bullets stand out from the rest, although it does have a greater recoil every time we shoot with it.
    • The weapon uses .45 ammo and can be loaded with 7 rounds by default.
    • It can be increased to 10 rounds after expanding its magazine.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

  • New mechanism – grip and climbing system:
    • Now the players can climb in the air by allowing them to move through roofs and between buildings, containers and other sites that were previously impossible to access.
    • How to grab a shelf or more: After pressing the jump button, find the right moment in that space in the air and press the jump button again to complete the climbing operation and it is available at all times.
  • New mechanism – gasoline cans: cans can now be exploited after being fired with weapons and the launch of other objects. It will cause various types of damage in its range of action.
  • New graffiti function:
    • With this new function players can take spray cans to customize some elements such as walls.
    • Sprays are a consumable object. It takes an application and players can carry up to 4 different types in battle.
  • The first person training camp.
  • Novice task: for new players new tasks are added to unlock.
  • It adds a new couple gift:
    • When the intimacy between players reaches 1000, an exclusive title can be obtained.
    • When the score reaches 2000, 2500 and 3000, a new couple's standing pose can be obtained.
  • Information tab is added: When clicking on the player on the left side of the chat and the invitation team, the information will be displayed on the right side of the interface.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

  • A gift scene is added: space gifts can now be given to other players during chat, team building and battle entry. At the entrance you can increase the popularity value for the player.
  • Beadd grenade skins: the grenade can be customized. The model loaded with the skin will not change the damage of the explosion and range.
  • New items for the flight in fall: blue and colored smoke is added.
  • New extras when trying on clothing items in the store.
  • New glasses:
    • When updating the client, the glasses and scarves no longer share a gap, and the glasses and all face masks that do not block the eyes can be worn together.
  • Performance optimization:
    • Fixed some resource loading problems and improved fluency in combat.
    • Optimized weapon loading logic. The player will be more fluent when he enters the field of view.
    • The use of CPU in the main element, the game caused by the logic of the interface, reduces the power consumption and the temperature of the device.
    • Be optimizes performance for devices with lower features to improve the smoothness of performance.
  • Graphic optimization:
    • Optimized the performance of weapons and clothes, improved texture quality, model definition, lighting calculation, etc.
    • Optimization of shadows and light in the hall interface.
  • Optimization of various controls.
  • Weapon action: when the different weapons in the game are in hand, movements according to the type of weapon will be made.

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The scalar, graffiti, helicopters and much more arrives at PUBG Mobile 0.15.0
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