The Facebook army is formed to fight in cyber war

The Facebook army is formed to fight in cyber war

We live in the era of information and instant communications, where much of what happens is transmitted through the Internet. Today we understand the power of communications and we have seen how new technologies have radically changed the way we do certain things. One of the issues that has crossed the line of the physical to move towards the online world is war and an example of this is the Facebook army created by the United Kingdom, a combat modality that could become the main form of attack of this century

The British army has decided to create a specialized force inspired by the Chindits, that troop that gains popularity thanks to its daring missions carried out on the enemy lines in Burma during World War II. It is then a new version of Brigade 77, which specializes, according to the British authorities, in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare, through the use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to “fight in the era of information ”.

The brigade, which will begin formal operations in April and have its headquarters in the county of Berkshire, in England, will be responsible for achieving its objectives without violence and although it is true that its members will be trained for combat, the main weapons of this Troop will be the technological tools along with their skills in the cyber field.

Their activities will be developed through campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, the dissemination of false or true information in war zones and false flag operations (covert operations designed to trick people into believing they were carried out by other entities), among others. One of its objectives will also be to protect computer networks and vital data and, if necessary, attack cyber targets, such as deactivating enemy communications, weapons, airplanes, ships, etc.

General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff of the United Kingdom, has indicated that the new plan is essential to deal with the "asymmetric" battlefields of the 21st century, where tactics and strategies differ significantly between different enemies . The form of combat put into practice by the allies against the Japanese in World War II, shows how successful it can be to use unconventional tactics on the battlefield. Likewise, some British military officers have pointed out that the armed conflicts that have arisen in recent times, such as those in Iraq and Ukraine, have demonstrated the potential and influence of information warfare.

Today, the battlefields have ceased to be physical spaces and the military have had to accept another domain beyond land, sea and air: cyberspace. Controlling this new field is the goal of many today because it has been understood that a cyber attack has the power to paralyze a society. To attack a country, it is no longer necessary to kill his army, it is only enough to control the communications and destroy his computer structure.

We already said it, the cyber war It is the war of the 21st century and within it we find this psychological warfare, a battle that seeks to control the most powerful element we have: the mind. Now, what if everyone wants to go into this type of network operations? Can we really distinguish what is real and what is not? It is not that we are now sure of the information that comes to us through the Internet, but at least, until now, we did not know this type of tactics so openly.

It could be said that the United Kingdom, by making public knowledge of this type of strategy, has opened a pandora box. We know that with the popularization of the Internet and specifically with the rise of social networks, most countries have implemented strategies to counter unfavorable information for their agendas through these means, but by becoming public in this way things may change a bit. This “unconventional war in the information age seems to be a rising trend, a rather dangerous one if we consider the consequences that playing with the human mind can bring.

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