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So you can grab a ledge and climb PUBG Mobile

How to grab a ledge

PUBG Mobile is about to upgrade to version 0.15.0 and with that we will have with the ability to climb and grab a ledge in order to reach new spaces and areas where it was previously impossible to hide, crouch or take as a strategic point before the enemy.

A new skill that is going to allow new capabilities to those players who know how to excel from her and thus demonstrate her parkour skills in this game that can mean between victory and defeat; or same to be done with a whole squad that looks for us like crazy while we are crouched.

In the notes of version 0.15.0 explain us well how to hold on to an outgoing on PUBG Mobile.

  • The first thing we have is to jump to reach that ledge. The thing is that in that empty space where we "fly" or "suspend ourselves in the air", let's press the jump button again.
  • If at that time our character It is located just a ledge, the animation of holding is generated to be able to reach that point that was previously unattainable.

PUBG Mobile

That is to say, that using a little ingenuity and jumping ability base we have, we can reach areas that the truth will give us a lot of advantage before the harassing enemy who wants to eliminate us at all costs in this battle royale; even at a time when we can use helicopters, although in that new mode called Payload.

That is, the thing is that we try new possibilities and discover new spaces on the map where we can locate ourselves. Anyway, surely Tencent Games surprises us for the coming weeks or versions with new modifications to the map so that we can do some parkour and thus demonstrate our skills in the jump; the truth is that there are players who work hard in this regard.

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So you can grab a ledge and climb PUBG Mobile
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