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Offer to buy the Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium on Amazon

You may need to buy a multifunction for home, since with this type of devices you can perform different jobs, such as printing, copying and, of course, scanning a document. Now is a good time, since you can get the Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium with a very attractive price because Amazon could be achieved with a good offer.

This is a model that uses technology inkjet to carry out the works that obviously can be in color. Therefore, it serves both to have a good instruction manual that has been obtained on the Internet and to get on paper a photo of the holidays that we liked a lot. One of the details that attract the attention of this accessory is that it is compatible with sheet sizes A3, so you have a most complete home printing center,

The Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium, touch screen is not missing 2.7 inches, which facilitates its use a lot since in this element you can see the necessary information so that all kinds of work are done in a very intuitive way (this can be those that arrive from a smartphone; a portable computer; and, even, it is possible use memory cards, so all the usual options are included). In what has to do with connectivity, it does not lack the usual cable via USB and, in addition, it is possible to send jobs via a network Wifi, which allows the multifuncin to have Internet access and, with the iPrint application it is possible to access its use regardless of the place where it is provided that connectivity is available.

Multifuncin Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium

Good resolution on the Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium multifunction

The one that offers both when doing black and white work and if color is used, is 1,200 dpi, more than enough to achieve, among other things, photographic quality. Where there is a difference is in the speed in each of the two cases mentioned above, since in the first one it reaches 28 pages per minute while in the second it goes down to eleven. By the way, the compatibility offered by this multifuncin is very high since, for example, it is possible to use it with computers that have an operating system Windows and also those that make up macOS from Apple.

With a really low consumption, which stays in 15 W in use and of only one at rest, the dimensions that Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium has are the following: 35.6 x 34.1 x 47.9 centimeters, so it can be placed almost anywhere in the house. By the way, the cartridges you use are five and each of them is independent, so you can save by changing them to new ones.

Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium independent cartridges

Buy this product now on sale at Amazon

If the indicated fits with what you need for your home, in the well-known online store created by Jeff Bezos it is now possible to get this multifunction with a saving of more than thirty euros, so it is not bad since it falls below 140. We leave he link To get Epson C11CF54402 Expression Premium below: