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Liquidware Amber, the OpenSource Android tablet

DIY lovers! Android lovers! You no longer have to give up one of your tastes to cover the other. Now, when you buy your tablet you can no longer criticize the way it is mounted or complain that it has a sensor that you will not use in your life.

From the guys of Liquidware we get the Amber, a curious tablet, which stands out for the possibility of total manipulation, a tablet that you can modify completely and you will have to assemble it you can mount your own case (especially interesting for friends of modding). This tablet is still in the development phase (according to the manufacturers they go for 80%) and will have a capacitive screen of 7 inches, 512MB of RAM and a processor ARM Cortex A8 at 1GHz. Specifications relating to a low-end tablet. But what about the price? Its price is astronomical, surpassing the latest tablets of the marking. Its price is of $ 1283. Very expensive for a tablet with these characteristics, right? To be at home I can buy an Asus Transformer Prime, which is cheaper and better…. But gentlemen, this is not a tablet to be at home, it is the ideal tablet to learn how to optimize hardware and develop custom software, ideal for students of various engineering.

This tablet opens a new market niche for Android, the learning market, because thanks to its open nature. Niche is also trying to fill Apple, with its iPad and iBooks, but they do not finish curdling in the market. The idea of ​​this tablet is to have in the university and use it as a project, in groups of students they could optimize the hardware and create custom software. A very interesting project, which will help Android to reach new markets. If someone is interested in this project, you can purchase it here.

Liquidware Amber, the OpenSource Android tablet
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