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IKEA TRDFRI smart bulb: feature and price

The Swedish giant, which dominates the market for cheap furniture with an iron fist, is beginning to bet heavily on smart solutions. The firm has already presented smart blinds, smart plugs and its new IKEA TRDFRI smart bulb It comes to surprise giving a romantic touch to any corner of your home.

It is not the first time that the Swedish-based manufacturer presents an intelligent bulb, but this new model, which arrives to be part of the family TRDFRI IKEA has a design that makes it ideal for decorating any corner of your home. And, incidentally, attack the floating line of the range of Philips Hue Edison bulbs, with a very similar model in terms of design but with a significantly higher price.

Today it is increasingly feasible to have a smart home. The price of iOT solutions is decreasing considerably. And, what a few years ago was available to very few, now the vast majority of users can enjoy all kinds of gadgets that will allow us to domesticate our home at a more than reasonable price. You just have to see the price of the new IKEA product to realize it.

IKEA TRDFRI smart bulb

The new IKEA TRDFRI smart bulb can be controlled from the mobile

To start, this model has been released to a official price of 9.99 dollars, a quite notable difference if we consider that the Philips model reaches 25 dollars. On the other hand, this new decorative bulb of the IKEA TRDFRI family, stands out for having an E26 type socket and offering a design that clearly reminds of the very popular Edison style bulbs. And yes, through the IKEA Home Smart application, or through an external dimmer, you can regulate the power offered by this interesting accessory to decorate your home.

The idea is that you can use this new decorative bulb TRDFRI of IKEA according to your needs, being able to enjoy its 2,200 Kelvin of light to get the most out of it.

In addition, to say that the new smart bulb of the IKEA TRDFRI family, has a 25,000 hour useful life, in addition to a consumption of only 0.5W in Standby mode, which makes this solution one of the best options to consider. In addition to a real headache for Philips and his Hue family.

Regarding the price and release date of this product, we know that the TRDFRI LED Bulb It has just been launched in the United States at a price of 9.99 dollars. Luckily, it is common for these types of solutions to reach our country, so very soon we can buy the new IKEA smart bulb. Its price? It should not exceed 10 euros.

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IKEA TRDFRI smart bulb: feature and price
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