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How to reduce mobile data usage on YouTube

YouTube "width =" 1200 "height =" 675 "srcset =" 1200w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / YouTube-478x269.jpg 478w, 1024w, https: // www. 320w, 830w, https: // 400w, 500w, 170w "sizes =" (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px "src =" https: // "class =" size-full wp-image-154829 aligncenter lazyload "/></p><p><strong>YouTube is an application that we use regularly</strong> on Android Many users spend many hours in it, something that we can always control with its use function. This application is one that consumes a lot of mobile data when we play videos on it. If we have an unlimited data rate, it is not something we are going to have to worry about.</p><div class=

Unfortunately, this is not the case for all users. Although there is a way to prevent YouTube on Android from consuming mobile data, so that we don't have to fear for our rate and data consumption. We show you the way it is possible below.

We have to open the YouTube application on our Android phone. Inside of her, click on our profile picture, so that we enter the configuration or settings of the application. The section in which we have to enter is the first of all, which is the so-called General.

YouTube limit mobile data

On the one hand, we can activate the option called Limit mobile data, which allows HD videos to be played only when we have Wi-Fi in the activated phone, thus avoiding a large amount of data to be consumed when using the app.

This allows when we use YouTube on the phone, the videos we watch with mobile data reproduce in worse quality. While using WiFi, it will always be higher quality, since this type of videos, in HD resolution, consume more data on our phone.

A simple way to reduce mobile data consumption on YouTube for Android. It is not something that is always necessary, but it may be that at the end of the month when the rate is about to end, or we have exceeded the limit, it is helpful. It is very easy to enable and disable this function.

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How to reduce mobile data usage on YouTube
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