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Hackers ask Pemex $ 5 million in bitcoins for rescue

Last Sunday, November 10 Petrleos Mexicanos (Pemex) suffered a cyber attack that 5% of the company's operations. The parastatal warned that they prevented the kidnapping of information stored in 60 thousand computers, through the prevention of identity theft attacks to more than eight thousand 500 workers.

100 percent of more than 600 thousand attacks per month on 160 Pemex portals were prevented and 100 percent of mailboxes have been secured, they said in a statement.

Today, the news agency Reuters unveiled that the pirates asked around 5 million dollars in bitcoins for the rescue to Pemex, and that the parastatal lost a special discount by not paying immediately after the attack. A note that appeared on the screens of the affected machines pointed to a darknet website affiliated with DoppelPaymer, a type of ransomware, and gave 48 hours to pay and had an email address to contact the attackers.

According to Reuters, they contacted the hackers through the mail they provided and said that, although they no longer had a special price to give to the oil company Pemex still had time to meet its demand for bitcoins and will not comment further while the new deadline was pending.

So far, Pemex has not disclosed its position regarding this information.

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Hackers ask Pemex $ 5 million in bitcoins for rescue
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