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Google Play Games is updated with a new interface and three integrated games

The core of the games in the Play Store has its own application. Is called Google Play Games and it is one of those that comes preinstalled on Android phones. It allows us to know our progress in many games, those that are integrated with its API, record games and improve our level.

After a while in the background it has been updated with a new interface graphic, lighter and cleaner and with the inclusion of three small mini-games, similar to those we can use in the Google Assistant.

New visual interface

Google Play Games

The first change, and the most striking, is that of the interface. The green color remains but instead of being predominant it becomes the tone that will color an eminently white interface.

In addition, the main part is no longer that of our statistics in the games but a list of the ones we have installed and that we can open from there. We will also suggest new games to download.

It also changes the game recording icon, which happens to be that of a camera, and the way we can contact players who use the same games as us.

Three mini-games included

Three mini-games included

The other big change is the inclusion of three small games in the application itself. They are Cricket, Solitaire and PAC-MAN. These last two can also be used in the same version in the Google Assistant. And contrary to what we might think the APK of this version is lighter than the previous one, despite the inclusion of these games.

This update comes with version 5.3.28 of Play Games that we will soon have in the Play Store. If it has not yet arrived you can download the APK from this link. However, activation by the server is necessary, so you may have to wait for it to be enabled in your account even if you have that APK and have deleted the application cache.

Google Play Games is updated with a new interface and three integrated games
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