Geeksphone launch smart bracelet: Geeksme

Geeksphone launch smart bracelet: Geeksme

For the second half of 2015, the launch of the first wearable device of the Spanish company Geeksphone is planned, which will be under the Geeksme brand.

The data have been provided by sources in Madrid, who in addition to highlighting that the new device is in an advanced stage of development, revealed that it will have the shape of an activity bracelet; and among its functionalities, it is the monitoring of the main physical activity data, as well as setting user improvement objectives; and also, the notification of calls and messages received, as well as useful alerts and reminders.

Geeksme takes its first steps in wearable technology with the development of an activity bracelet that offers useful information about people's lifestyles and which is a trendy device that is close to fashion.

In addition to the above, the gadget that has Premium design and finishes – allow the user to measure their ecological footprint to know how to reduce the impact it generates on the environment, and even in an optional, private and confidential way – keep track of your sexual activity

Geeksme, which is currently in talks with different leaders and companies in the fashion sector, intends to reach different strategic agreements during this year to launch this new line of products to set trends, informants have pointed out.

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