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Football Manager 2018 now available on Google Play

Ending the year is the time when football games usually release their new versions, in which they introduce news and update the teams' templates. Just yesterday we were commenting on the arrival of the new Pro Evolution Soccer 18, and today we are celebrating the arrival of another football great.

Football Manager 2018, one of the best football games comes to Android

Football Manager is one of the classics in soccer games, which shows that there is life beyond Fifa and Pro. In Football Manager it will not be us who jump to the field to play. No, our role will be to manage a football team from a more tactical position.

To be honest, this type of soccer game seems even the most appropriate for mobile devices, since the type of interface when playing is better favored on touch screens than in those who jump to the field.

In Football Manager, our goal is the same as in any other goal, to make our team win. To do this, we will have to make the most appropriate signings, review in detail our tactics to get the most out of our team, in addition to customizing the training our players receive. There are many options offered by this game, so if you are interested we recommend trying it and enjoy discovering them.

Is it worth it to pay again if I already have Football Manager 2017?

If you are a new player, we definitely recommend you to try Football Manager 2018. But is it worth it if you already have last year's title?

Sega has been very clear showing the novelties that have been introduced in this new game. We went from having 15 leagues to 17, in addition to fully updated team templates. The game interface has also improved, offering a better tactics system, as well as better team reports. As an added interest, we can test our team against the 11 ideal players of each year, a challenge that football fans will enjoy.

There are many alternatives to Football Manager on Android, and a few weeks ago we took a tour looking for the best alternatives. Yes, there are good titles, but they all embrace the model free to play, a model in which the gaming experience is strongly influenced in how much money you are willing to pay.

Let's get to the point, Football Manager is a paid game, and it costs 9.99 euros, but once purchased it will be you and the full game experience, something that many players usually prefer. It only depends on your preferences.

Football Manager 2018 now available on Google Play
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