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EMUI 8.0 arrive soon. What will be its characteristics?


More features of EMUI 8.0 are revealed, than being inspired by Oreo

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October 17, 2017

huawei mate 8

One of the differences of the manufacturers of Chinese phablets with respect to those of their competitors from the rest of Asia and the whole world, is the inclusion of layers of customization. Mainly inspired by Android, these secondary interfaces have achieved an important presence, MIUI, created by Xiaomi, or EMUI, developed by Huawei, are some of the most prominent.

A few hours ago more details about the eighth version of this last platform, which will be totally inspired by Airing but that nonetheless, will have some small nuances that are those that historically have differentiated the work of the Chinese technology from the green robot software. Then we tell you more about it and we will see what its possible advances will be and the models that will run with it.

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Performance improvements

As they assure from GSMArena, one of the fundamental axes of EMUI 8.0 will be the improvement of the opening times of applications and the saving of resources. Now, the power of the processors will be better distributed and the average period of execution be will reduce Around a 12% According to its developers. The split screen, in which two applications can run simultaneously, will also gain strength. However, they clarify that only compatible tools can be used in this mode. Artificial Intelligence will also have a determining role.

Security, another key

One of the most criticized aspects of both Android and its younger siblings, is the frequency with which they arrive security patches and significant updates, which can be spaced in several months. From now on, two times will be established: The most current models and higher ranges will receive news each month, while to the media, they will arrive every two.

When will EMUI 8.0 arrive?

Everything points to what will be the flagships of the Chinese technology that will host this layer of customization. It is expected that during the next weeks, coinciding with the terminals that could see the light in the face of the purchase campaigns of the end of the year, it will arrive definitively. For devices that have been out for about a year like the Mate 9, support for update will also be released very soon, so the catalog of models that will equip it will be wider.

What do you think about EMUI? Do you think this new version will have significant progress over the previous ones? We leave you with related information about these and other Made in China interfaces such as Color OS so you can learn more about yourself.

EMUI 8.0 arrive soon. What will be its characteristics?
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