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Asus Nexus 7, Tablet with Android 4.1 on 7 inches Quadcore: The rumor takes shape

Although one wants to be oblivious to the rumors, it is inevitable to hear his siren murmur and let the assumptions fly, among other things because if it is true that if something sounds, it is for some reason. What we are convinced is that In the next Google I / O (June 27-29), Google will distribute, as it always does, a development terminal, surely a tablet to boost its use and development, and what better than with a hand-made tablet with Asus, that is, your own tablet from the Nexus range. Surely it happens and they have already leaked some details of it.

This screenshot comes from a Benchmark, that is, a Rightware performance meter where it has appeared in the 11th position, revealing not only its existence, but also some of its technical details:

  • 7-inch screen and 768 × 1280 pixel resolution
  • Tegra 3 Quadcore processor at 1.3 Ghz
  • And the most interesting thing is that the version is Android 4.1 that is, one that until now we did not know, that could be Jelly Bean, or simply a higher version of Ice Cream Sandwich
  • The tablet manufacturer is Asus

What does not fit us is that Google managed to sell this tablet as rumored below $ 200 when with these technical characteristics it would have to be around 400, which can mean two things, either that the information is not entirely correct with respect to the price or technical data or that we are going to take a very pleasant surprise that will break the market and goes asuponer a before and after on android tablets.

The name of the tablet could be Nexus 7. But until later we can not confirm anything, until then and as always, cautious with the information but not without containing a little emotion if expectations are met.

Via: Android & Me

Asus Nexus 7, Tablet with Android 4.1 on 7 inches Quadcore: The rumor takes shape
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