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Android 4.5 arrive with redesigned icons in Google apps


Android 4.5 arrive with redesigned icons in Google apps

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April 14, 2014

Google Android Apps

The annual event for developers of Google It will take place between the 25th and 26th of next June. Although during 2013 the Mountain View decided not to launch new products or Android updates on their I / O, the Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 appeared a short time later. This year the plan will be similar and, on one and another date, the search engine company will make official the redesign of the icons in several of its applications.

Android 4.5 iconsEach version of Android usually comes accompanied by juicy news, some more dedicated to the optimization of software and others to keep the aesthetic facet updated. As Google I / O approaches, rumors about the evolution of the operating system begin to skyrocket, and this course is already advancing a renewal of the appearance in some of its most representative icons.

A closer proximity to the web language

Google’s obsessions now seem to be focused on Unify codes, languages ​​and experiences through all those platforms that offer access to their services, so that the company's seal is easily recognizable.

In this regard, the image I published yesterday Android Police It gives us an idea of ​​where the changes will go. The new design concept is called Moonshine (ray or moonlight) and is presented in minimalist drawings with visible shading.

Google already tests a new version

Before the arrival of a more important iteration, we wait for the intermediate step that will involve Android 4.4.3, which, as we told you a few days ago, is currently being tested by Google workers.

In addition, for a few days it has been speculating on the possibility that the system Chrome OS I came to the tablets to offer an alternative to the advancement of Windows within the professional segment.

Either way, we expect news from Mountain View very soon. Undoubtedly, we will know more details about everything that is brought up in the coming weeks. We will keep you informed!


Android 4.5 arrive with redesigned icons in Google apps
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