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all the rumors and leaks you should know

Samsung has been a company that has led Android for years. To continue to remain at the top, the Galaxy S10 will be a key smartphone in the company's future. We break down all the rumors and leaks about Samsung's mobile future.

Some of these rumors have more relevance than others, so we tell you in addition to the information, our assessment of whether we believe it or not if it will be something real.

Galaxy S10: Samsung will put everything on its next flagship to maintain its prestige

One of Samsung's secrets of success lies in its high range. Although by volume, mobiles such as those of the J series are the biggest bestsellers, having the most advanced mobile technology is something that gives prestige to the company. The prestige is transversal and benefits the brand image, and therefore, the entire catalog.

2018 has been a good year for Samsung, but financial reports show that they have not lived up to expectations. Folding phones and 5G are Samsung's two big bets for 2019. The folding mobile will be one of the biggest bets, but not the only one. The Galaxy S10 is promising.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 processor: Exynos 9820

The processor is the core of a mobile. It is the most important component, but not only because of its performance. The technologies it includes allow a mobile to be more capable, by integrating a better processor for artificial intelligence, better connectivity, compatibility with better quality storage and support for better photographic sensors. Having the latest technology in a processor ensures compatibility with the best components in the market.

Below are the key details of the Samsung Exynos 9820:

  • CPU: 2x own cores (4th generation) + 2x Cortex-A75 + 4x Cortex-A55.
  • GPU: ARM Mali G76 MP12.
  • NPU (Neural Processing Unit): Integrated.
  • Fabrication process: 8nm LPP FinFET.
  • Storage: UFS 3.0, UFS 2.1.
  • Modem: LTE-A Cat.20 8CA (2 Gbps download), Cat.20 3CA (316cMbps download).
  • screen: WQUXGA (3840 × 2400), 4K UHD (4096 × 2160).
  • Camera: 22 Mpx rear, 22 Mpx front, double 16 +16 Mpx rear.
  • Memory: LPDDR4X.
  • Video recording: 8K at 30fps, 4K at 50fps.

Is this information real?: We can assume that it is real. Samsung has already introduced this processor, which is the successor to the Exynos 9810, a processor that gave life to the Galaxy S9.

Its power would be insane, according to Antutu

Source: Ice Universe on Twitter.

As we can see on the Ice Universe Twitter, this would be the first performance test of the Galaxy S10. It shows that it would be the most powerful Android mobile on the market, although it would still be lower than the iPhone XS.

Is this information real?: Performance tests must be taken with tweezers, as they are easy to fake. By figures we could assure that yes, although it is not a data that we consider transcendent.

What will the Galaxy S10 screen look like?

If something stands out Samsung is in being the best manufacturer of AMOLED panels, and as proof of this we have that each new Samsung flagship takes the award for best screen in the market. Samsung always reserves the best panels to give prominence to its mobiles.

Is this information real?: Samsung has patented so many technologies in recent weeks that it is difficult to determine which one will end up reaching the Galaxy S10. The only guarantees that we believe to be reliable are almost obvious. It will have the best screen ever seen on a mobile and will go one step ahead of the notch.

On-screen fingerprint reader: The trend in biometric security

The fingerprint readers on the screen are the order of the day, and a company like Samsung must bet on security issues, having a strong presence in the corporate market. It will not be the company that arrives first, but its patents indicate that your fingerprint reader may be the safest on the market.

Is this information real?: It would be disappointing that the Galaxy S10 did not have an on-screen fingerprint reader. After years working (according to rumors) on this technology, in 2018 there have been several manufacturers that have successfully implemented it.

It will be the first Samsung mobile with 5G

Samsung gets on 5G with its first compatible Exynos modem

Connectivity and the jump to 5G could be for many the best argument to renew their mobile, and many manufacturers are in the race for being the first to reach 5G. Samsung has already introduced a mobile designed for 5G, and many rumors claim that the S10 will have this type of connection. Or at least, in the most advanced model they present.

Is this information real?: Samsung has already declared in its shareholders meeting that 5G will be one of the technologies they trust in 2019. The Mobile World Congress seems the ideal scenario to present a flagship with 5G, and we believe that the S10 has many possibilities to Be Samsung's first mobile with 5G.

More cameras than ever: Samsung wants to lead again in photography

Galaxy A9, with 4 rear cameras.

For some years, Samsung has been one of the undisputed leaders in photography. Mobile phones that seem already obsolete such as the Galaxy S7 continue to offer results with superior quality to modern mid-range terminals. Still, Samsung has been advanced by many rivals.

Computational photography is a key factor, and here we have several interpretations. Google achieves the best results with one sensor, while Huawei is innovating by taking advantage of the information offered by several sensors.

More sensors does not mean higher quality, but better versatility. Rumors indicate that Samsung could include up to 6 photographic sensors. 2 in the front and 4 behind, a commitment to everything high.

Is this information real?: We have many doubts about this. It is not impossible, since the Galaxy A9 includes four rear cameras. A dual front camera configuration would reach the total of 6 sensors, but including so many high-end sensors entails a great cost overrun. We believe that if this is the case, only the most advanced model of the S10 will end up having this configuration.

The best memory and internal storage


In the performance of the device, having the best processor is not enough, but the memories also play a relevant role. Both internal storage and RAM must offer the best performance, but also durability. Samsung was already accused in the past for degradation of their memories, which they have been solving. For the Galaxy S10, the arrival of two great technologies is expected.

Is this information real?: Samsung is a hardware manufacturer, and produces components for other manufacturers. As with screens, they usually reserve the best components for their flagship. It is reliable to think that the Galaxy S10 will have the latest technology in terms of memories.

Android Pie with One UI

We thoroughly tested OneUI, the new layer of the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Experience is the layer of customization that Samsung presented at the launch of the Galaxy S7, and year after year they have been perfecting it, but a redesign was necessary to keep up. With the arrival of Android 9.0, Samsung has introduced One UI, the personalization layer that all Samsung phones that end up receiving Android 9 Pie will have.

The Galaxy S10 will have the latest version of Android with the latest customization layer. It is the most reasonable reasonable.

Is this information real?: Samsung has already officially presented this customization layer, and we have already tested the S9 beta. This information is safe, although we could still expect news in the layer with new features that end up having the S10.

all the rumors and leaks you should know
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