Android 10

The Honor 10 Lite receives Android 10 with EMUI 10 in beta form

Android 10

These weeks we are seeing how the update to Android 10 is reaching many phones in the market. Now it's the turn of Honor 10 Lite, a model within the mid-range of the Chinese brand, which was launched almost a year ago to the market. This phone now gets the Android 10 beta with EMUI 10.

Huawei is already updating a large part of its range, this week the Android 10 beta was already launched with EMUI 10 for the first time for a model within its midrange. The Chinese brand now continues with another model in this mid-range, such as the Honor 10 Lite. Good news for users.

So far it has started to update in China, as usual. Users with this Honor 10 Lite now have the Android 10 beta with EMUI 10 available in the country, so that they can test the news of the operating system and the personalization layer of the company.

Honor 10 Official Lite

For now we don't know anything about the expansion of this beta Worldwide. Although it should be soon, if the firm does not make the decision to wait and launch the stable version directly internationally, which is something that could happen before the end of the year.

Some media point out that at the beginning of December Android 10 could be launched with EMUI 10 stably for users who have this Honor 10 Lite. It would not be unusual for this to be accomplished, but for now it is soon to be able to affirm it, since it is necessary to see first if problems are found in the beta.

In any case, the Android 10 beta with EMUI 10 is a given now. Users in China with this Honor 10 Lite can now access it and surely in a few weeks it is the stable version that is officially launched. So we will be attentive to news in this regard.

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