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Opinion Rewards let you know if your credit in the Play Store will expire

Google Opinion Rewards is an application of the Mountain View company that consists of a simplesurvey system. These surveys are launched based on our habits –at all levels- automatically, they help Google improve its products and services, and we are supposed tocredit that we can spend in the official Android app store. It is a way to access payment software without having to pay with real money for it, but as we advanced it has aexpiration period after which, simply, the credit disappears.

If your ‘free money’ from the Play Store will expire, Google will let you know before

Users have been having a'trouble' with Google Opinion Rewards. And, although the Mountain View firm warns in its documentation that thecredit has a term ofexpiration fromone year From the date of its obtaining, there is no back account or something similar. So users have been finding that, when the date arrives, without prior notice or notification of any kind, the credit disappears automatically and is no longer available to spend on the Google Play Store.

Right now in the app you can read an alert for all these users, with access to the help documentation. And we have already been able to know, thanks to all this, that Google is working on the implementation of aalert system That is responsible for solving the problem. When a certain amount of our credit obtained with the app is about to expire, we will receive anotification warning us about it. So, if we want, we can spend the credit before it disappears.

At the moment, in the Google Play Store, within the payment methods, we can see thebalance remaining corresponding to this credit –that is, what is available to spend- and also theDate of Expiry of the amount in question that, in effect, is close to reaching the expiration date. However, this information is not very accessible. The solution of notifications, which arrive shortly, is much more convenient for users.

Opinion Rewards let you know if your credit in the Play Store will expire
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