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How to make a backup in iTunes

Videos, photos, games, movies and files, consume the memory of our iPhone and iPad to fill it, which gives some users another headache when it comes to backing up their data. In fact, this is one of the main queries we receive most from users with 16 Gb models (or even 8 Gb), whose memories are filled very quickly and see how they cannot make backup copies in iCloud to have them backed up or backup, or even to install new versions of iOS.

Apple has several payment options to expand iCloud (your hard drive in the cloud), but also you can make a backup with iTunes to save all the contents of your iPhone or iPad on your computer and use it when you need.

How to make a backup in iTunes

Time required:2 minutes.

Making a backup on iTunes is one of the best solutions for those who have space problems in iCloud. A very simple system to always have a local copy of our files, which uses TWO different applications depending on the operating system of your computers, whether Mac or PC.

  1. Connect the computer to the Mac or PC

    If it is the first time that we connect the iPhone or iPad, we will see the message "Trust this computer?" The device asks us to put the unlock code.

  2. Open the right program

    If we use a computer With macOS Catalina, we will open the Finder. If we use equipment with macOS Mojave or an earlier version or on a PC, we will open iTunes.

  3. Locate your device

    Both in iTunes and in the Finder we must find our device in the left column and select it to enter your options.

  4. Make the backup

    We make click in Back up and wait for you to finish saving all the data that we can see in the progress bar.

If you want to save your Health and activity data from the iPhone or Apple Watch, you must encrypt the backup. To do this, you will have to select the encrypt backup box and set a password that you can remember. It is important that you remember that password or you will not be able to recover the backup without her.

How to make a backup in iTunes
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