How Citra works on Android

Citra It's one of the emulators most famous to be able play Nintendo 3DS on a computer. But, with the rise in the power of processors and graphics on smartphones, it has made the leap to the Android ecosystem.

We must take into account first of all that being a program originally developed for a computer requires specifications equivalent to a high-end phone today.

Being a free code project, a user decided to port it to work on Android devices running inside. We have performed some tests with low-mid-range phones and it is far from being fairly playable.

Install Citra and play the Nintendo 3DS on your Android

If we look for Citra in the Google Play Store we will not find it. We will have to go to Github to download the .apk file Installable on our Android smartphone.

  1. Download Citra for Android


  1. Once downloaded we must install it on the smartphone. We can be calm because there are many users involved in the development that ensure that malicious code does not slip.

Image - How Citra works on Android

  1. Now we must download ROMS (games) for Citra. Just a quick search on Google to find many websites that collect these files.

Image - How Citra works on Android

  1. There are games of all kinds and conditions. From the Pokmon classics to titles that did not leave the borders of Japan and quite possibly we could never have played.
  2. When we have downloaded the game, we have to make sure of the location where it has been saved. To make things easier we can download the games to a computer and then pass them by cable.
  3. Citra has a File Browser integrated into the app itself and be the necessary springboard to launch the games.

Image - How Citra works on Android

  1. Once we load the game, exit on the Citra home screen and the classics will appear Nintendo controls to be able to handle it with more or less ease.

Image - How Citra works on Android

Very important that let's download decrypted games to be able to use them with Citra for Android. If they are not from the beginning, we need to have a Nintendo 3DS.

To perform the final test, we have downloaded Super Mario 3D and, in a Samsung Galaxy S10 +, the performance has been really bad. By patience we can get to play a game, maybe 2D games or with less graphic load look better, but from what we have been able to read online we don't have much hope.

Keep in mind that, since it is not an app installed from the Play Store, we must take into account the new versions that developers launch regularly. So we must take a look at the Citra page on GitHub habitually.

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