Hiring 1GB extra on the mobile increases the rate by 55%

Hiring 1GB extra on the mobile increases the rate by 55%

When the user exhausts the navigation data of his mobile before the billing period expires, generally, he must face the 99.95% reduction in speed and therefore is forced to hire additional megabytes. Since Spanish operators offer at least 1GB extra, whose average price is 9.38 euros, the monthly outlay can be increased by 55%.

According to a study carried out by Kelisto.es, the cheapest rates offered by the five telephone companies are at 18.98 the 1 GB data plan for a 4G mobile connection, not including the hiring of a home internet package.

Kelisto sources, point out that in 70% of Spanish homes there is at least one mobile device with Internet connection and standard users consume an average of 900 MB, to navigate, update social networks and communicate with their contacts through the messenger instant. However, the 4G connection, currently available for 60% of the population and which implies improvements in the use of the Smartphone, translates into a much higher consumption since its navigation speed is 10 times higher than that of traditional 3G.

In this context, it is relatively simple that users who, in a month, make a slightly higher consumption of data than usual, have to choose to hire additional megabytes, explains the Chief editor of Kelisto.es, Manuel Moreno.

When exhausting, then, the data of the contracted plan the user will have to acquire an extra navigation bonus, but of course it is that depending on the operator, prices may vary. Even so, the average reveals an increase in the rate that reaches 28.36 euros. However, the owner of the mobile can give up that expense, but then he must face to reduce the speed of his navigation by 99.95% which makes the use of applications and internet, an almost impossible task. It adds that, once the additional megabytes are contracted, they expire at the end of the billing period and do not accumulate, which Kelisto.es considers a serious problem for savings.

None of the operators that offer mobile 4G connection in Spain allow extra bonuses to accumulate for the following month and in most cases, it expires when the month or the customer billing cycle ends (except in Orange and Movistar) . Thus, the user is not only forced to buy an additional data bonus (given the drastic speed reduction that barely allows browsing), but also is obliged to pay for an amount of data that he probably will not use in its totality

Kelisto.es recommendations

In order not to go through similar situations, the Spanish comparator makes five fundamental recommendations.

# 1 Connect to Wi-Fi networks: In order not to spend the data of the mobile plan, the most advisable thing is to connect to the Wi-Fi network at home and verify that this link has been made correctly, since it usually happens that the smartphone does not recognize the network, still memorized. Similarly, it is preferable to avoid connecting to networks in public places, for security reasons. Unless necessary, bank transactions or the use of the telephone that may compromise private information should be postponed.

# 2 Disable automatic updates: Downloading application updates can consume a lot of data by depleting the mobile plan, so it is better to disable the automatic function and configure it to be done only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

# 3 Reduce the use of maps and streaming: YouTube, Spotify and other similar ones use a lot of data, therefore, it is better to use them with Wi-Fi, just like applications with geolocation. If a map is necessary, it must be downloaded with Wi-Fi and then used offline.

# 4 Do not back up with the data plan: Only connected to a Wi-Fi network should be backed up. Android users can do it with Google+ and iPhone users with iCloud.

# 5 Choose the rate that suits your needs: After a self-analysis of data consumption, which can be done by going to the telephone settings, it can be verified which is the plan that adjusts to the needs of each user, so as to avoid rates of plans that exceed expectations or fall short and Then have to request additional megabytes.