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We can already schedule the sending of messages on Telegram, we show you how to do it

How to schedule the sending of messages on Telegram

Schedule sending Telegram messages

  • First of all we must place ourselves in the chat where we want to schedule the sending of a message. We can also do it in saved messages to use this function as a reminder application.
  • Next, we press and hold the send button and select schedule.
  • Then we must establish the day and time in which we want the message to be sent to our recipient, group or to perform the reminder function.

Other news that comes from the hand of this new update is found in the possibility of create themes from the color and background we want, choose who can find us with our phone number in addition to being able to change the appearance of the application with enhancement colors for Mono and Dark themes. If we also want to make use of the new animated stickers, we can see which ones are available by writing some of the typical emojis.

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