Like Tik Tok, Instagram prepares Reels, its viral video editing tool

Like Tik Tok, Instagram prepares Reels, its viral video editing tool

To get in tune with the trends of the mobile world,
 I never hesitated to add the distinctive characteristics of the competition, as happened with the Stories functions replicated from Snapchat. Now it's Reels's turn, a video editing tool that emulates the most distinctive features of
Tik Tok, the fashion app among the youngest.

Available only for Instagram users in Brazil, Reels allows you to record 15-second videos, adjust the playback speed, choose the right music or use audio from other content, a mode available in Tik Tok Duet mode. These contents can be shared by direct message, on Instagram Stories and in the Top Reels section, where the company hopes to replicate the phenomenal rival of the Chinese application.

This is what Reels looks like, the Instagram video editing feature available in Brazil


In advance
 I had tried to emulate the success of Tik Tok with
Lasso, an independent application that failed to capture the interest of the public.

The success of Tik Tok, a Chinese application developed by Bytedance that has its own version in Douyin in the Chinese giant, attracted the eyes of users from all over the world, and also turned on the
alarm among the US authorities. Last year Tik Tok was banned temporarily in India following a US counterintelligence investigation. that led to a
record fine of US $ 5.5 million.