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Vivo's mobiles will arrive in Europe next year


I live to make the leap to Europe in 2018 and I will not do it alone

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November 10, 2017

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A few days ago we showed you how the Chinese market distributed the largest national and foreign mobile brands. In the ranking, we saw firms such as Oppo or Vivo, which had gained ground in a short time to the most consolidated but nonetheless, were giant with feet of mud, since their implementation was reduced almost exclusively to consumers in the Country of the big Wall.

Expansion to other regions may be key in the short term for Asian firms of this type. Xiaomi has taken a first step landing in Spain very recently and now, Vivo is also thinking about following this strategy and making the leap outside its borders in 2018. Next we tell you more about how it could be your arrival and we will try to see what they are the strengths but also challenges that you will have to face.

live y79 mobile

The new objectives: Europe and Africa

According to GSMArena, after having appeared in India, Vivo has set its sights on the Old continent and in Africa. In the first zone, you will have to face multitude of signatures both Chinese and the rest of Asia and locals that already have a more extensive trajectory and that bring together most of the smartphones sold. In the second, it will take advantage of the investments that are being made in the field of telecommunications and the emergence of some emerging markets in which, as happened in China in its day, little by little a middle class appears willing to spend money on electronics from consumption.

Live and Qualcomm, a good couple?

It is logical to think that during 2018, technology, like all its rivals, launches new devices quite frequently. However, there will be something with which he will try to gain positions in a context in which more terminals will be sold but in which also, the cake will have to be distributed among more companies: The alliance with the US Qualcomm, which predictably, will contribute to the new models their latest processors, improvements in biometric markers and something that is already generating a lot of expectation in general: Network support 5G. All this will come in an agreement in which also 4,000 million dollars have been put on the table.

vivo x9s plus phablet

The challenges

As we said before, in Europe, you will have to attract a lot of attention and offer very leading terminals if you want to have a good reception. Here, the leadership is still for firms like Samsung and we must remember that other Chinese such as Huawei, continue to bring together the bulk of users who opt for Chinese terminals. What do you think? Do you think there will be a place for Live in the Old Continent or not? We leave you available related information such as, for example, the brands that will have to face this and others like Xiaomi so you can know more.