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The iPhone XR of 2019 and its double camera can be seen in renders


The iPhone XR 2019 looks almost identical to the iPhone XR last year, only now with a double camera


He iPhone XR 2019 It will have a double camera in the back and remain as colorful as its first generation, as can be seen in renders or computer-made images that the renowned @OnLeaks filter has done based on leaks.

The recognized leaker I created these images based on leaks that suggest a double rear camera on the back with a design very similar to that supposedly also will have the iPhone 11 or iPhone 2019, except that it will have a three-chamber camera.

OnLeaks publishes images of the cell phone in different colors, although the same ones in which the iPhone XR was available. So far it is not rumored that Apple will add a color in addition to the six that launched for the iPhone XR.

It is rumored that the 2019 iPhone XR will have a design almost identical to that of the first generation, with bevels a bit thicker than those of the iPhone 11 and with some internal changes such as a faster wireless charging speed.

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Apple does not comment on rumors or leaks.

The new iPhone season is still a few months away, as it usually happens in September or October. The iPhone family this year is expected to be three members with few external changes, leaving a new design and the addition of 5G compatibility by 2020.


Apple iPhone XR

With its powerful processor, durable battery and many of the same features and specifications of the iPhone XS and XS Max, the iPhone XR can be the ideal phone for the iOS user ready to update.

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