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Power your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with guidance through Google Maps

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 It is one of those devices that offers much more than it costs. It is not that you have a huge amount of functions, but it is enough and enough to measure exercise, sleep and to reflect notifications. It is even suitable to guide you when you have active Google Maps, you just need the installation of My Band Maps.

This newly created app allows follow the Google Maps routes from the screen of your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or the Huami Amazfit Bip watch. It is simple to configure and very practical if you use Google Navigation to walk around and also to go by car (better for the first than for the second): just dial a destination on the mobile so that it is the bracelet (or the watch) that you guide.

Avoid looking at the phone while using Google Maps: My Band Maps offers you bracelet guidance

Power your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with guidance through Google Maps

The idea is simple: once the phone and the phone are synchronized Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (or Huami Amazfit Bip) with the application My fit You will see the directions from Google Maps on its small screen. This saves you from taking your cell phone out of your pocket to check the route: it will be the wearable who is responsible for notifying you of the next turns.

My Band Maps It is a recent application that has a small toll payment: ? 0.99. We have been testing it in a Amazfit Bip With very satisfactory results: it is extremely practical to walk to any destination. With a vibration you will know that a turn is approaching: look at the screen of the bracelet or watch and you will know where.

Power your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with guidance through Google Maps

The application needs capture notifications and have the Xiaomi Mi Fit app installed on your smartphone and also with active notifications. My Band Maps It will capture the directions from Google Maps by redirecting them to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or Amazfit Bip to make it much easier to guide you. It is not that the small screen of these wearables gives a lot, but it does offer enough clarity to find out about the guidance with just a glance.

My Band Maps It is now available in the Google Play Store. It is only suitable for the two devices mentioned: Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Huami Amazfit Bip. It costs ? 0.99, is translated into Spanish and lacks ads, also in-app purchases. We recommend it.