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NexPhone: The next Android smartphone to be a phone, a tablet and a laptop

I like to see how there are still companies with Original ideas that surprise users. If it was long ago ASUS who set the guidelines for combine smartphones with tablets Y tablets with laptops (ignoring the limitations), we now know a new project that put the three things together and gives a new twist to the total connectivity between devices.

He NexPhone project wants to give the user the possibility of reducing clutter and number of gadgets We usually use at home. This is achieved by solving a usual problem, such as (for example) being writing documents on the main PC, having to go out and take what we are doing on the laptop, and if we need to leave it behind and take the phone, then equally we will take the document where we had left it.

All this is achieved. thanks to the accessories that the company itself gives us. Because, like him ASUS PadFone, he smartphone (main accessory) connects to other accessories, either PC screen or laptop, to give us total synchronization between devices.

He Nexphone can be connected to NexLaptop or at NexMonitor according to our needs. All with Android 4.0 (or 4.1, is yet to be confirmed), so our desktop and applications will be greatly enlarged on the monitor or laptop (depending on the resolution). Although of course, it has a good part. And is that in The NexLaptop and NexMonitor will use the famous version of Ubuntu for Android (by Canonical), so we will have a operating system very well adapted to understand Android and Ubuntu. While it is true that it will not be a project that destroys the competition, it is a good basis to start designs that are increasingly better focused on making our lives easier.

Yet nothing is known about prices or which version of Android will mount. It also happens with the features of the smartphone and accessories. Still it is, without a doubt, an excellent project and we hope he doesn't stay in a smoke screen. I am already looking forward to seeing you at an official fair or presentation (MWC13?).

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