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Most Apple services are censored in China, and that can be a problem

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Apple is in the process of transformation, it is true that never stop being a company that sells devices and software, but every time the company's services will become more important. Until now Apple had iTunes, iCloud and Apple Music, but this year there have been three new platforms: Apple Arcade, the video game subscription service, Apple TV +, the streaming video platform and Apple News, probably the service that least possibilities It has so far.

Apple is betting strongly on these new subscription platforms and its intention is that become one of the pillars of the company within a few years. However, Apple has a big problem to succeed, and that problem is called China.

The world's largest market is banned for Apple

As Mark Gurman points out in Bloomberg, in China most Apple services are not available. The Asian country is one of the most important markets in the world for most technology companies, including Apple.

Apple China

We have already seen how a drop in iPhone sales in China can affect the benefits of the entire company. It seems that Apple with the new iPhone 11 has managed to recover the momentum of sales in China, however if this is the face of the coin, the cross are the services.

Of the 12 services available to Apple, more than half are banned in China, practically all the new ones recently launched:

  • Apple services available in China: App Store, Apple Music, Apple Podcast, Apple Pay and iCloud.
  • Apple services not available in China: Apple TV + and the Apple TV app, Apple News +, iTunes (neither movies nor music), Apple Books, Apple Arcade and Apple Card.

In addition, we must bear in mind that of the compatible services, many of them are different and specific for China and that they have to go through government supervision, as is the case with iCloud and its servers.

Apple can not access, at least for now, the largest market in the world with its services and this could be a problem equivalent to not being able to sell a certain device. Apple is making a great investment and there are many millions of Chinese users that you can't count on. We will see if in the near future Apple manages to unlock the situation with China, although it does not seem to happen in the short term.