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MONOLISK allows you to create your dungeons and share them with friends

Monolisk is a new RPG action game which is characterized by the ability it gives us to create our own dungeons and we can share them with other players online. That is, you can even play those of others as well as create and eat the coconut so that those own dungeons receive punctuation.

A game that it is in itself a sandbox where to create those dungeons that will be scored and thus receive the approval of the community of players who will be responsible for creating the content you will play; always based on the elements available to Monolisk so that we can create the dungeons; something like Super Mario Maker.

In the days of content creators

Monolisk It is based on one of the maxims today and that is none other than the creation of content that is then uploaded to social networks and video platforms such as YouTube. Interesting that allows you to create dungeons with an interface that has everything you need to imagine where players can go, what to receive and how many enemies they have to beat before finding the exit to the dungeon.


He game is an action devil RPG (Do not miss this based on H.P. Lovecraft and Blizzard's) in which we move our hero through a dungeon in which he will face different enemies and that has a limited extension. We would like them to be very extensive, but they are not as much as would be ideal. This does not mean that we enjoy each level and that every time we play a new dungeon we have that concern for what we have prepared a player who can be in the other part of the planet.

MONOLISK scoring

That is, in MONOLISK you are going to to be able to create dungeons, share them with your followers, arm your heroes and finish the levels that have been designed by your friends. This perfectly defines a game in which we have to level up and improve our hero's team. That is, we are also first and foremost an authentic RPG.

Collect cards for your 5 heroes in MONOLISK

MONOLISK also allows us go collecting cards that will be in charge of equipping to our 5 heroes with equipment, skills, creatures and environments. Those letters will help us then create our dungeons. We talk that as you unlock content as you play it, you can use it to create new dungeons that capture the attention of other players.

MONOLISK letters

In total we have 5 different heroes with their own abilities and to those we will adapt as we prefer to play as a wizard or a warrior. With this base we have an action RPG that based on new updates could generate better experiences. We can only trust that more players join this experience of creating dungeons to share them.


And if we are facing a freemium It is because part of the content is paid. Paid packages is the way in which developers will be able to continue working in this game and adding content that we can continue to enjoy. There are already players who are looking for a way to remove it, but it must be understood that a game of MONOLISK quality on some side must stand up and more with such a striking idea that they have in hand.

That particular isometric view

MONOLISK it also puts us before an isometric view which catches our attention by allowing us to move throughout the level and at the same time have a great vision of what happens. And as in other multiplayer games where players create the content, you can expect levels that are too complex. You can see their scores to get an idea of ??how difficult they can be. And yes, you can rate yourself the dungeons of others.


Visually it is a very well worked game and in which highlights the design of the characters and those dungeons visually very attractive. You may be lacking some sight in the effects of the skills, but from the first level you can already intuit that we will see them of greater size and effect.

A new game called MONOLISK for your Android and that is based on a great idea: create, share, play and equip. If you were looking for something different and in which the online is present, you already have a game for months. We leave you with Elementor Dungeon who, as he explains his name well, is full of dungeons.

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